Thursday, 17 November 2011

Four New Items Added

We’ve just added four new pieces of equipment to the website, so here’s a quick overview.

Bakers Pride P44-S Pizza Oven - £2,100+VAT

A personal favourite of ours, it has two separate baking compartments, each with two shelves and its own temperature control. It’s a great looking piece of kit, and is in really good condition. This pizza oven is not just for cooking pizzas – it’s also ideal for producing pretzels, flat breads, par baked crust, and all sorts of other lovely bakery products!

Sharp R2498G Microwave Oven 1200W - £160+VAT

This commercial microwave has a high wattage for reduced cooking times, and is made from wipe-clean stainless steel. We reckon it’s a real must-have piece of kit, and it’s invaluable for defrosting and regenerating food quickly and reducing serving times.

Foster PROG600H Upright Fridge 610lt - £190+VAT

This is an absolute bargain - we’ve slashed the price as it doesn’t have any shelves or shelf supports, but if you’re replacing a broken fridge or can harvest shelves from an old one, you’re onto a winner! This is a large 610 litre fridge with a single wide entry door for easy access – perfect for a busy kitchen.

Falcon DH22E Hood Dishwasher - £620+VAT

Representing fantastic value for money, this pass-through dishwasher is ideal for schools, canteens and hotels, and would also be great for event catering. Hood dishwashers are always popular items, so if you like the look of this one, we suggest you act fast!

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