Thursday, 18 April 2013

Rice is Nice

Here at Mid West, we love food. A lot. So we thought we'd do a quick blog post in honour of one of our favourite types of food - Asian. From sweet and sour chicken to a good old tikka masala, we love it all. No Asian restaurant would be complete without that classic, versatile accompaniment to pretty much any dish though: rice!

If you cook lots of rice, then check out these beauties which we currently have in stock! They are in great condition and have only been used a few times too!

Rice Washer
These fab Fujimak rice washers can wash up to 100kg of rice per hour. With a compact design and hygienic stainless steel contruction, these rice washers are absolutely ideal for Asian or world cuisine restaurants and takeaways. As well as being great at washing rice, they are also an absolute bargain price! Nice.

Rice Cooker
Once your rice is nice and clean, you'll need one of these Fujimak triple deck rice cookers! Each deck comes complete with a Teflon coated rice cooking pot on a nifty slide-out mechanism for easy removal. These fancy-pantsy rice cookers automatically detect the steam temperature too, allowing the electric controller to know exactly when to time the cooking from. They will make sure your rice is cooked in a trice! Nice.

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