Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Top 5 reasons to buy second-hand catering equipment

So, why should you buy your commercial catering equipment second-hand rather than buying new? There are loads of good reasons, but here are our top 5!

1. It can save you hundreds of pounds compared to buying new. With all the money you save, you could buy something exciting like pretty shoes or power tools.

2. If you're thinking about expanding the types of food you offer, buying the required equipment second-hand reduces the financial risk and gives you the chance to try something new. Maybe experiment with something exotic! Like pizza. Or something.

3. Buying second-hand enables you to get high quality big-brand names at prices which you can afford. It can often be a false economy to buy new equipment from unknown brands, which is of a lower quality. Why buy a brand new Dacia when you could get a second-hand Ferrari for a similar price?

"Meow. I'm a blast chiller."
4. It enables you to increase your food offering without breaking the bank. Buying second-hand catering equipment enables you to increase your kitchen's output without investing heavily in expanding your kitchen estate. If your chef is demanding more griddles, get him more griddles. Never cross a man who uses sharp knives in his work.

5. By buying ex-hire equipment (which is what we stock), you know that you are buying equipment which has been regularly deep-cleaned and serviced throughout its life, and which has been maintained to a high standard. When choosing a new pet from the animal shelter, you will want one which has been well-trained and looked after by its previous owners so you know it will be cuddly and flea-free. Think of our catering equipment as a fluffy, docile kitten. Or whatever floats your boat.

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