Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mid West Lonely Hearts: The Boys

With Valentine's Day tomorrow, we thought we'd do a bit of a Lonely Hearts column to see if we can find the perfect kitchen for some of our equipment. Following our Lonely Hearts ad last year, Wendy the Warming Drawer found a loving new home, so we though it was worth a try again. After all, no item of catering equipment should be alone on Valentine's Day...

Percy the Produce Washer
Percy the Produce Washer
Look deep into my whirlpool and you'll see my swirling heart of gold. There will be no wishy-washy behaviour from me - I'm an efficient, practical machine, and although I'm fully automatic, I still enjoy making bold gestures. Perhaps I will surprise you by washing some delicious strawberries for you, or maybe even a passion fruit! Let me get you in a spin this Valentine's Day.

Terry the Tray Dispenser

Terry the Tray Dispenser 
Dining halls, serveries, dishwash areas. You name it, I've worked in them all. Although I'm quite indecisive over where I choose to work, there's one thing I'm quite certain of - my desire for romance. I can hold loads of trays, but at the end of the day I would prefer to just hold hands. If you pick me this Valentine's Day, I promise I'll show you a wheelie good time, and may even buy you my favourite kind of tray - Milk Tray...

Horace the Hot ServeryHorace the Hot Servery

I have a great capacity for love (and gastronorm containers), and would love to join you at a wonderful banquet or maybe a ball - I come with casters, so I'm pretty nimble on my feet for a large piece of kit.
I'm also an excellent tennis player, and have a real skill for serving. With my integral hot cupboard, I'm sure you'll really warm to me. Give me a chance - after all, I am totally hot.

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