Thursday, 7 March 2013

International School Meals Day

As you may already know, we are huge fans of the Children's Food Trust, and give them a donation for every item we sell. We think that good nutrition for children is really important, so when the Children's Food Trust announced that they are backing International School Meals Day this Friday, we decided to help spread the word too!

One of the things that can help schools to provide fab school meals is having access to proper, good-quality catering equipment. Catering equipment can be very expensive to buy new though, and budgets are often tight, so we always offer great prices to schools on our lovely second-hand commercial equipment. We've already given a number of schools great deals on equipment, so if you know a school who is in dire need of some catering equipment, send them our way!

To read more about our link with the Children's Food Trust, and to see all the items we currently have in stock, visit our website here.

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