Thursday, 21 March 2013

World Poetry Day - oh yes!

Well how's about that then? It's World Poetry Day and nobody thought to tell us! After our last attempt at poetry, perhaps it was for the best... Undeterred though, here is our latest offering. It tells the tale of some rather unfortunate catering equipment, but just as it seems all is lost, Mid West swoops in to save the day with our excellent stock of reasonably priced second-hand equipment! Naturally. Enjoy!

There was a fine stainless steel oven,
That decided to start up a coven,
It roasted and braised,
In a network of caves,
Not thinking of the repercussions.

Now all of these potions were fine,
Nothing more than a big waste of time
But the lack of extraction
Caused a reaction
With noises and smoke and some grime.

Nearby a whimsical griddle
Was learning to play on a fiddle.
It was singing a song
When the oven went wrong,
Causing the poor thing to widdle.

This startled a close by food chute
Who was happily playing the flute.
All its burgers fell out
And splatted about -
The effect was not very cute.

For a passing by janitor sink
The fright took it right to the brink,
And with a small sigh
It keeled over and died
And landed with an almighty “clink!”

Luckily in stepped Mid West
And replaced these daft items with zest.
When your equipment is dead
Don’t take to your bed!
You can buy more from us (we’re the best!).

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