Friday, 3 May 2013

May Day Bank Hol

Everyone deserves the day off on a bank holiday, catering equipment included, so Mid West will be closed on Monday. Many of us will be spending the long weekend relaxing, and our catering equipment is no exception...

Combination oven camping

Camping Combis
Our combi ovens are planning to go on a bank holiday camping trip. Thanks to their casters, they've been able to plan a lovely walk through the countryside to help them relax and let off steam. The weather should be baking hot, but the combis blanched at the idea of taking sun hats, so we reckon they'll be absolutely roasting. They are most looking forward to toasting marshmallows over the campfire - one of the few types of cooking they are unable to do themselves!

Griddle in a garden

Gardening Griddles
Our griddles will be spending the long weekend pottering about in the garden. Nobody seems to know exactly whose garden they'll be in, as we certainly don't have one... Anyway, they'll be out in the sunshine, happily catching the rays (and reflecting them straight into the eyes of unfortunate passers by) and tending to the plants. They considered having a BBQ but decided it might be a bit daft, considering they're capable of cooking enough burgers and sausages themselves to feed a small army!

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