Monday, 22 July 2013

A Royal Mid West Baby

As the Double Fridge of Cambridge goes into labour this morning, the question on everyone's mind here at Mid West is whether the Royal Mid West Baby will be a bouncing baby pot boy or a beautiful baby grill. The baby's father, Fridge Williams, says the couple have chosen to keep it a surprise, so we will just have to wait and see!

As we eagerly await the news, here's a bit of speculation and family background for you...

Double roll-in fridgeThe Double Fridge of Cambridge
The Double Fridge of Cambridge is a Williams. Obviously. She is used to appearances at major events, and remains cool, calm and collected at all times. She has only had one job before, but is keen to prove her worth. As you would expect, the Double Fridge of Cambridge has been well looked after and is in excellent condition.

Undercounter fridgeFridge Williams
For a soon-to-be father, Fridge Williams is surprisingly chilled out so far. He is cool and hard working, and will happily get stuck in, working in both kitchens and prep areas. Although Fridge Williams will one day be King of Showroom, he is happy to stay undercounter for now, building his high flying career in commercial catering.

A Bouncing Baby Pot Boy?Pot boy
Many people think that the Royal Mid West Baby will be a bouncing baby pot boy. If this were to be the case, we predict that the pot boy would be born with a fine head of (nylon) hair, and be a robust little chap. Like his father, the baby pot boy wouldn't be afraid of hard work and would happily come to the rescue in any commercial kitchen.

A Beautiful Baby Grill?Contact grill
We personally think that the Royal Mid West Baby will be a beautiful baby contact grill. The baby grill would be warm hearted, and grow up to be a right hottie. Petite and hard working, this future Queen of Showroom would melt the hearts of the nation, whilst also looking after her people with her understated skill and efficiency.

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