Thursday, 3 October 2013

Poetical Pizza

For National Poetry Day, we have written a variety of poems for you, inspired by our pizza ovens. As you do.

Mid West pizza ovens

Firstly, we tested the water with a simple haiku:

A pizza oven
Delicious pizza inside
Cooking is its life

Next, we had a go at rhyming couplets:

Pizza, flatbreads, very versatile,
The pizza oven is so skilled.
So delicious, gaze on them for a while,
You’ll have to be strong willed.

Spurred on by our great successes above, we then experimented with some abstract poetry:

Pizza oven, pizza oven
Limbs as noble as a tree
With your double deck conveyor soul

And finally we finished with a good old fashioned limerick:

A pizza oven once did a sneeze,
No-one noticed because of the cheese.
The pizza was served,
The oven said not a word,
The customer said “Lovely – more please!”

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