Monday, 2 September 2013

Is your kitchen ready for Xmas?

OK, OK. So it’s only the start of September, but if you’re in the catering or hospitality industry, you’re probably already booking up fast for the festive period. Office parties, Christmas Day, New Year, festive weddings… Christmas is always a busy time, so as you start to prepare for the festive season, get ahead of the game and make sure your kitchen is up to the job! Once the Christmas rush starts, you won’t want to suddenly find your kitchen unable to cope with your festive menus and the increased pressure.

Here are our top tips for Christmas-proofing your kitchen…

First things first, take a look at your festive menu and check which items of catering equipment you’ll be using. 
Do you have the right catering equipment? This is a bit obvious, but it's worth checking! Your festive menu is likely to be different to your current one, so might require different catering equipment. You’ll be busy at Christmas, so you need to make sure you have the right equipment to make your kitchen as efficient as possible.

Is this equipment in good condition or is it unreliable? You don’t want a vital piece of catering equipment giving up the ghost on Christmas Day! If any of your equipment is on its last legs and needs replacing, now’s the time to do it, to avoid any extra disruption during your busiest period.

Do you have enough catering equipment to cope with the quantity of food you’ll be producing? Festive menus tend to offer limited choices to make it more manageable for the kitchen to produce. On the other side of the coin though, it means that certain items of equipment will be seeing heavier use than normal, and may not provide enough capacity. Anticipate these bottlenecks and take action now. Perhaps now’s a good time to buy that bigger freezer you’ve been thinking about!

What’s your backup plan? Make sure you know what you’d do if one of your items of catering equipment broke. If it means you’d not be able to produce one or more of your menu items, make sure you have a backup plan in place.

Buying ex-hire equipment from us is a great way to update your catering equipment without the high cost. Our equipment is sold at a fraction of the RRP, and is a low risk option. We’ve owned all our equipment from new, and it’s been regularly cleaned, serviced and maintained by our qualified catering engineers, as well as being subjected to a whopping 30-point quality checklist before every hire.

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