Monday, 23 December 2013

A Mid West Christmas Poem

As you may have just possibly noticed, we love a bit of poetry here at Mid West..! As such, we've written you a special Christmas poem - enjoy!

Merry Mid West Christmas

The Mid West office is closed,
Combi Santa has donned his fine hat,
The slicers are calm and composed,
And hoping the journey is flat!

The sleigh is ready to go
And the spectacle takes to the skies -
Anyone down below
Will never believe their eyes!

You thought that we just sold equipment,
But no, you’ve got it all wrong,
For our job is to help Santa’s shipment
Get to the chefs where it belongs!

We’ll be back open in the New Year
But remember that we will deny
Those sleigh bells you think that you hear
And the slicers you saw in the sky…

Merry Christmas from all at Mid West!

We're now closed for the hols and reopen on 2nd January 2014 - see you then!

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