Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mid West Lonely Hearts 2014

You’ll remember that last Valentine’s Day, we ran a lonely hearts column featuring the boys and the girls. We successfully paired these items up with new kitchens, and we’re hoping to do the same again this year. So, may we introduce this year’s lonely hearts contenders…

Mid West | Colin the ChargrillColin the Chargrill
Just because I’m an upfront “get the job done” kind of guy in my work life, doesn’t mean that I can’t also be very romantic. I’ve been known to woo the ladies with juicy steaks and burgers, and I’m no stranger to kissing them on the chops either! I may be a heavy duty kind of guy, but spend some time with me and watch things sizzle!

Mid West | Daphne the Display CaseDaphne the Display Case
With my smooth curves and glossy glass, I’m quite the stunner if I do say so myself! I have a chilled nature and am particularly partial to posh pastries, as well as displaying delicious deli items. I look after myself and always take care with my appearance – it’s important to showcase your assets to maximum advantage. Play your cards right this Valentine’s Day and I’ll show you my Viennese whirls!

Mid West | Ben the Boiling TopBen the Boiling Top
Don’t be put off by my badboy reputation – my temper may boil over when I’m provoked but when it comes to my work and love life, I’m warm-hearted and attentive. I’m not small – I’m “compact”, so my awesomeness has merely been condensed! Go on, give me a chance - things are sure to get heated very quickly!

Mid West | Suzie the Salamander GrillSuzie the Salamander Grill
I’m a sizzling, saucy salamander and I’m not ashamed to say it! Although I was once arrested for flash heating, it was all a big misunderstanding. Honest. My main hobbies are grilling, browning (got to top up that tan!) and flashing (but let’s not talk about that). I’m versatile, flexible and always up for a good time, so if you like to live life in the fast lane, I’m your grill!

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