Friday, 26 July 2013

10% off all Pot Boys!

Mid West Catering Equipment: Bouncing Baby Pot Boy
You may recall we blogged about the impending birth of the Royal Mid West Baby earlier this week. Well, we now all know that the "Double Fridge of Cambridge" and "Fridge Williams" are now the proud parents of a Bouncing Baby Pot Boy! Hurrah!

To celebrate, we're offering 10% off all our pot boys until 5pm on Friday 2nd August. Just quote "GEORGE" when you place your order.

Our wall-mounted pot boys are ideal for any busy commercial kitchen. They are heavy duty, motorised units and make light work of cleaning manky pots and pans, featuring a powered nylon brush to remove stubborn residue. 

They might not look as attractive as a spangly combi oven or a gleaming griddle, but you definitely need one in your life!

If you'd like to be the proud new owner of a pot boy (and quite frankly, who wouldn't?!), pop over to our website here.

*Offer excludes VAT and delivery.

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