Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Movember - Carl the Soup Kettle

When Carl the Soup Kettle was told about Movember, he didn't need to be asked twice. As a bit of a rocker, he'd fancied some rock-star facial hair for ages, but could never think of a good enough excuse to grow any.

As well as rocking out, Carl the Soup Kettle's other passion in life is swimming. "Why would any self-respecting soup kettle take up swimming?" I hear you ask. The answer is simple. He misunderstood the concept of crowd-surfing and didn't live close to a beach.

Once his 'tache had really begun to grow, Carl the Soup Kettle decided it would be 'totally awesome' to bleach it, for the ultimate rock 'n' roll facial hair. Unfortunately his love of swimming was to be his downfall, and his mo turned a bit green from the chlorine.

As well as warming soup, gravy, custard and an array of other sauces, Carl the Soup Kettle has also been known to fill himself with mulled wine and cider to help 'get the party started'. Thanks to his rock star status, Carl the Soup Kettle also has a number of devoted fans, known as his 'soupies'.

If you've enjoyed the moustache-growing efforts of Charlie the Chargrill, Harry the Bratt Pan, John the Slicer and Carl the Soup Kettle, show your support for Movember by visiting our staff team's webpage and donating here. Make sure to visit our Movember Gallery too!

Rock on.

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