Thursday, 29 November 2012

Movember - Tom the Freezer

Sadly the time has come to reveal our last item of catering equipment taking part in Movember. Our final folically-endowed friend is the largest member of our Mid West Movember team, Tom the Freezer.

Inspired by his namesake Tom Selleck's illustrious mo, Tom the Freezer has produced possibly the most magnificent moustache of all our equipment, accessorised beautifully by his finely flared nostrils and delicately raised eyebrow.

Unfortunately though, a rather ungentlemanly spat has broken out within the Mid West Movember team, between Tom the Freezer and Harry the Bratt Pan. When Tom the Freezer saw Harry the Bratt Pan's somewhat Selleck-esque effort, he decided to try and freeze him out of the team. We tried to explain that he doesn't have the monopoly on Selleck-style 'taches, but sadly Tom the Freezer became rather cold with us.

John the Slicer tried to slice through the icy atmosphere, but alas, to no avail. Even Edward the Hot Cupboard's effort to thaw the frosty mood was rebuffed. Gary the Dishwasher decided - probably quite sensibly  - to wash his hands of the whole situation, while Charlie the Chargrill and Carl the Soup Kettle tried in vain to maintain the formerly warm and friendly atmosphere in the team.

It's very sad to see things end this way, but perhaps it was inevitable, given all the testosterone-fuelled happenings of Movember. It's tragic that our equipment has taken it so seriously that they've ended up falling-out, but perhaps it just shows their unwavering dedication to the cause. If you'd like to help make sure that this sad situation hasn't been in vain, please donate to Movember here. Don't forget to visit the Movember Gallery on our website too.

We are hopeful that after tomorrow's big shave, harmony will be restored in the Mid West warehouse, and that all will be forgotten. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed.

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