Monday, 19 November 2012

Movember - Gary the Dishwasher

Launching himself into the fray this week is Gary the Dishwasher. As an undercounter dishwasher used at a major sporting event, he's got a pretty serious competitive streak, so Movember has presented him with the perfect opportunity to show everyone what he's made of.

Gary the Dishwasher was more than a little surprised when he discovered that his burgeoning 'tache was a rather startling shade of ginger. This has been a rather common theme among our staff Movember team too. Even colleagues with the most average brown hair have found themselves the proud owner of a distinctly ginger mo.

While some have gone down the route of total denial, Gary the Dishwasher has wholeheartedly embraced his fluorescent facial follicles and is delighted at how the orange hue complements his shiny stainless steel exterior.

Capable of washing 500 plates per hour, Gary the Dishwasher is a busy guy. It is therefore quite admirable that he has still found time to cultivate such an impressive mo. It has even been compared to the legendary 'tache of none other than Axl Rose. Take me down to the paradise city, where the mos are ginge and beards are pretty...

Please support Charlie the Chargrill, Harry the Bratt Pan, John the Slicer, Carl the Soup Kettle and Gary the Dishwasher, by visiting our staff team's webpage and donating here. Don't forget to visit the Movember Gallery over on our website too!

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