Monday, 26 November 2012

Movember - Edward the Hot Cupboard

New to our Movember team this week is Edward the Hot Cupboard. He's been merrily nurturing his 'tache all month and is very excited to finally be able to show it off!

Edward the Hot Cupboard is a naturally warm-hearted soul, so he didn't hesitate to sign up for Movember to help raise some money for charity. He's always keen to get involved in charity challanges, and his previous sponsored persuits have apparently included marathons, climbing mountains and trekking across deserts. Well, that's what he says, and we've no reason to doubt him...

Luckily, Edward is an upright mobile hot cupboard, so moving around from place to place has never posed any difficulty for him. With 16 shelves inside, transporting nice hot food with him has never been a problem on any of his expeditions either.

With all this physical excercise, Edward the Hot Cupboard obviously has to make sure he warms up fully before each activity. It's therefore partiularly fortuitous that he just so happens to be able to warm up very quickly and retain his heat, thanks to his excellent insulation.

If you'd like to support Edward the Hot Cupboard in his Movember challenge, as well as the efforts of his comrades Charlie the Chargrill, Harry the Bratt Pan, John the Slicer, Carl the Soup Kettle and Gary the Dishwasher, visit their webpage here to donate. You can also visit our Movember Gallery to see photos of all the Mid West Movember team so far.

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