Friday, 9 November 2012

Movember - John the Slicer

We are delighted to introduce John the Slicer - the newest member of our Mid West Movember team. He joins Charlie the Chargrill and Harry the Bratt Pan, who have already taken on the challenge.

John the Slicer enjoys slicing fine French cheese and deli products, so naturally he chose to go for a French-style moustache. A rather suave and debonair chap, John the Slicer is also highly experienced in slicing a variety of meats and breads. He takes great pride in his work and likes to boast about his fancy manual and automatic settings, as well as showing off the speed in which he can slice foods into precise portions. 

All this snooty behaviour has made him quite unpopular amongst the other equipment items, who find him to be rather obsessed with efficiency and accuracy and not so keen on making casual conversation. 

John the Slicer is hoping that by participating in Movember, he can show the other equipment that he's just "one of the guys" and no more outstanding than any of the other items. He's still convinced that his moustache is the best though.

If you'd like to support John the Slicer and our staff team on their Movember mission, visit their team webpage here to make a donation.

Don't forget to pop over to the website and visit our Movember Gallery to see pictures of all our equipment taking part in Movember!

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